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Introducing Argosy’s Competency-Based MBA

The competency-based MBA program allows you to take advantage of your professional work experience. You can test out of subject areas you are familiar with and focus more time in areas where you need extra help. This approach gives you the opportunity to quickly earn your degree for less money.

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Why the Competency-based model

Akiba Saeedi

Professional Advisory Board Member

Director of Fortune 50 company

"What I really like about the competency-based model versus the traditional program is it really FOCUSES ON BUILDING THE SKILLS YOU DON'T HAVE versus re-focusing on the skills you may already have."

Dr. Cynthia Larson

Dean of the College of Business

Argosy University

"As part of our process in developing this program WE WENT OUT INTO THE MARKETPLACE and asked employers, 'What are you looking for in an MBA graduate?"

Brent Peterson

Professional Advisory Board Member

CEO of Work Itself Group

"Through testing procedures and a variety of other things we are able to take students and give them the information that they need so that they are effective. They don't get things that don't matter. They get EDUCATION THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE."

Ruki Jayaraman

Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs

Argosy University

"We take what the professional advisory board gives us in terms of core competency areas and turn it over to our expert faculty and subject matter experts in order to start architecting the program."

How It Works

Assessment of Competencies

Our MBA program takes your professional experience into consideration. You can move quickly through areas where you demonstrate knowledge, allowing you to focus on topics with which you are unfamiliar.

The program progresses as follows:

  • Complete pre-assessments throughout the program.
  • Scores determine whether you move straight to the final assessment.
  • If you’re not ready, resources are provided to prepare you for the final assessment.
  • After passing the final assessment, you move to the next subject area.

You will have the flexibility to progress through the program at your own pace.


Final Assessments

There are two types of Final Assessments:

  1. Objective Assessments
  2. Performance Assessments

You will complete Objective Assessments in a proctored environment and Performance Assessments in a non-proctored testing environment.

You will work closely with a Personal Progress Mentor (PPM) to determine readiness to retake the pre-assessment and to ensure that you are ready to complete your final assessments.

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Program Cost

Build Your Path to Graduation

Rather than paying per credit, our students pay a flat fee of $3400 for 16 weeks. This allows you to progress quickly through material you have prior knowledge in and spend more time with courses in which you need additional instruction.

Getting Started

Interested students will pay a $50 Application Fee and a $200 deposit to be used toward the first program payment.

Tuition Reimbursement and Deferral

Does your employer offer tuition reimbursement?

Many tuition reimbursement programs require students to complete their coursework and then submit a final grade for reimbursement. Following the end of each session, Argosy will provide an updated Academic Progression Statement that outlines the competency units the student completed during that period.

Are you participating in a Tuition Deferral Program?

For eligible students, Argosy will defer 75% of the session’s tuition until two weeks after the session ends. To qualify, students must provide evidence of their participation in a tuition deferral program and pay an $850 deposit before the session begins.

Are You Ready?

Deciding to continue your education can be an important turning point in your professional life. Whether you’re ready to enroll in the MBA program today, or would like more information before you make a decision, we encourage you to contact us.

Find out more about our program by calling us at 1-888-559-7586 or Request More Information.

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Deciding to continue your education can be an important turning point in your professional life. Whether you’re ready to enroll in the MBA program today, or would like more information before you make a decision, we encourage you to contact us.

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